María Martín

María Martín is a designer and event organizer who loves fashion, flowers, travelling and good short stories. One day she decided to embark on a freelance career and she needed a website to introduce herself, to show her work and to attract clients. She contacted me asking for help and we worked together designing a website in WordPress that reflected her style and that it could work as a platform to explain what she does.

María wanted her website to meet the following requirements:

  • To have a clean design with light lines, focused on the images and in two colours: dark grey and white.
  • The possibility of including a portfolio of her works.
  • It should have a blog that can be categorized.
  • The possibility of using image sliders or carousels.
  • It should be a self-manageable site that she could handle easily after its launch.

When María contacted me to explain the project she was engaged in and what she was looking for, I was clear about two things:

  1. The first of them was that I wanted to collaborate on this project. As soon as she showed me pictures of the flower arrangements and displays that she had made for different events, I fell in love with her work. I liked her philosophy, character and the good taste that she brings into her works.
  2. WordPress would be the perfect means to achieve the website she was looking for because it is self-manageable and it is easy to build portfolios and blogs through the management system.

The first task was to establish the structure of the website. María’s work is focused on event organization but she also offers other kind of services related to the sector that had to be shown on the website, such as the rental of unique venues for those events or of ornaments, the design of stationery, the drafting of texts, etc. All this services had to be shown both on the home page and on a separate section and the rental of venues had to be highlighted within the menu as an exclusive service and a flagship of the brand.

María is committed to social work, respect to the environment and human rights, so a section called Corporate Social Responsibility had to be included. Other sections to be included were the blog, the portfolio of works, the contact section and a brief biography.

The development of this project was made using WordPress’ Borderland template and it was adapted to accomplish with the aesthetic and functional requirements.