Lupe is a WordPress theme for fashion blogs, photography or design portfolios looking for a modern interface.

For its development I used the HTML5 Blank template, what is known as starter theme for WordPress, which provides the basic file structure to build a functional WordPress theme or template. Anyway, I “cleaned up” the file structure as much as possible to have a simple WordPress template.

The main features of the theme are the following:

  • The blog front page has a tiled design with a custom animation on hover or mouse-over effect.
  • Full screen menu.
  • Allows to configure the entries to have sidebar or not.
  • Allows you to add a logo and a menu in the footer, as well as a legal or © copyright text.
  • Adapts to all devices (it is responsive).
  • Complies with basic accessibility standards.
  • It is ready to be translated.
  • Uses Inter and Libre Baskerville fonts.

For the development of this theme, I followed the official guide for theme development, and it was published in the official WordPress repository after a series of revisions.

Inspiration: 📷 VOGUE.


Éste y todos los temas que publique para su descarga gratuita tienen licencia GPL v2 o posterior