Appartments, a housing search engine

Appartments is a fictional mobile app to search for houses that I designed as a personal project. Nowadays there are tons of pages and apps to scan houses but I feel like some of them have a poor and out-of-style interface. It is true that information and photos are what really matter when it comes to looking for a place to live in, but I think that a detailed and clean design will improve the general user experience.
For this personal project, I tried to work with a minimalistic concept in the design and functionality as well. The app is focused on houses for sale that can be filtered by: price, city and neighborhood, number of rooms and bathrooms and finally if it has pictures uploaded.

I was seeking for a clean and elegant concept, highlighting the photos above all. The simplicity in the filters and the links in the detail screen, which let the user contact the owner of the house, make the part of the process of looking for a new home easier for the user.

See this project on Behance.

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