Julia Menéndez diseño web freelance Detalle menú página especializada en baterías. Website menu
Julia Menéndez diseño web freelance Detalle iconos tienda de baterías

Menu for drums website

Menu I did for a web design course, where I had to make a set of icons for a webpage specialized in any sector of our choice (regular action icons were not allowed).
When it comes to think about a topic on which to build a design, I tend to choose something that I like, that relates to me (though I really think that trying to design something out of this ‘comfort zone’ is the best way to improve your skills and test ourselves). I think that it is a good starting point to build a solid design and it is also the best way to enjoy the process of designing. That’s why I chose an online drums store and I designed the icons for each main section of the store: drums, cymbals, hardware and sticks.
I used Sketch for the icons as well as for the layout of the page, since I wanted to try this application to do some vectorial design. It turned out really good, I really enjoyed working with vectors in Sketch, because of its simplicity and great saving of resources (and I’m a big Illustrator fan).

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