Julia Menéndez diseño web freelance Diseño landing tarjeta de regalo

Gift card landing page

This is a design proposal I made for a web to present a bitcoins gift card for Christmas. The client needed the website focused on information for the user on how he/she could buy this gift card and give it to someone as a Christmas present. In order to do this, the process had to be clear for the potential client: how to get, paid and then send the card to the lucky person as a present. A form to start this process had to be included in the design, as well as a way to inform the user that the payment process would continue with PayPal.

The design had to be fresh, clean and flawless, and with Christmas vibes; it had to encourage the user to purchase the card and give as a present to someone. For this purpose, I chose an image that would recall Christmas and gifts. I modified it so it would match the brand color and then I complemented the design with subtle winter holiday details, so they wouldn’t interfere with the information and let the design would breathe and would be white as Christmas 🙂

This design was one of the chosen by the client.

  • #1c5d9a
  • #4e8fcc
  • #d6e61e



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Here’s another one-page design I made.