Hi there!

Julia Menéndez diseño web freelance foto

My name is Julia, I’m from Spain and I have studied Computer Science in Oviedo. I finished college in 2010 and started working as a developer for different companies and sectors.

After a few years working, I realized that programing wasn’t my thing, so I started studying design on my own. My purpose was to change my career and focus it into a more artistic direction, because I want my job to fit my passions so I can really enjoy my daily work.

I worked as a front-end developer in a company at my town, and now I’ve decided to continue my career as a freelancer, focusing on web design. I’m always learning and my goal is to be able to find solutions based on concepts that just work. As a designer, when I’m working on a project, I focus on the problem that has to be solved. Then I analyze it and find its basic characteristics so I can use them to build a solution that perfectly fits with the whole brand and solves the initial problem with a clean and bold solution (or at least that’s what I like to try).

Keep it simple!

Any doubts? Ask me!

Experience & knowledges

Web design

UI design, responsive web design, landing pages, banners, social media covers (Twitter, Facebook)

Front-end development

Static web pages, one-page landing projects, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (JQuery, plugins), Bootstrap.


Development of WordPress sites, themes customization and migration of existing sites into WordPress. The themes that I develop and will be published for free download are licensed GNU General Public License v2 or later.


I love checking in my feedly the latest news from design blogs and then to apply them to my daily work. Minimalistic, clean, bold and modern designs are the ones that inspire me the most.

When I’m not designing, I am probably doing something related to music (concerts, festivals, playing drums, you name it!), or spending time with my husband, traveling, running or just hanging out at home playing PS4 🙂